For the Medical Professional



Get Paid- Staffing agencies take 50% (or more!) of your hourly bill rate. That is not fair. You can greatly increase your earnings and still charge the healthcare facility less than a staffing agency can. Also, as a self-employed independent contractor, you can write off business expenses, which may include travel, housing, health and malpractice insurance, meals and entertainment, vehicle expenses, continuing education, equipment, half of your self-employment taxes and much more!

Increased Independence- Work where you want, for whom you want and when you want. If you have ever wanted to become a self-employed independent contractor, there has never been a better time!

No Hassles- Freelance Clinician is entirely online- no paperwork to fill out and fax! Also, you avoid staffing agency miscommunication and misrepresentation by dealing directly with healthcare facilities.  

Travel and Experience- Whether you are a veteran travel nurse or are considering becoming a locum tenens physician, Freelance Clinician is for you. Travel, work and play while gaining clinical and business experience and finally make the money you deserve!

Security- Your personal and professional information is always stored securely and is only revealed to the healthcare facilities you choose, when you choose. We will never ask you for your social security number. And, you never reveal your sensitive banking information to Freelance Clinician or the healthcare facility.

Safety- All healthcare facilities are validated, so you know the company on the other side of your bid is a real healthcare facility, posting real jobs, and not a staffing agency.

Convenience- Safely and securely keep all of your credentials, immunizations, certifications, skills lists and resume or CV in one easy to access and update place. You choose which documents you wish to reveal, when you will reveal them, and whom you will reveal them to. This means you can market your skills to the largest possible number of healthcare facilities in a safe and convenient manner.

Resources- Freelance Clinician has a comprehensive suite of valuable resources that help you become a self-employed independent contractor and navigate tax, accounting and business issues, as well as find health and malpractice insurance and much more!

Bids, Contracts, Invoicing and Payment- Freelance Clinician provides the job bidding platform, Medical Services Agreement contracts ( and fully integrated invoicing and payment systems for you to find, secure and get paid quickly for the jobs you select!