When you pay invoices or receive payment on invoices through Freelance Clinician, the payments are processed via Dwolla. 

Freelance Clinician uses Dwolla for several reasons.


Safety- When you send or receive funds via Dwolla, your sensitive banking details are never associated with your transaction, unlike credit cards or most other banking transactions. You also have to enter your self-selected PIN to complete each transaction.

Security- Dwolla’s uniquely secure payment platform is directly linked with Freelance Clinician’s secure invoicing system. You never have to enter your sensitive banking information into the Freelance Clinician system.

Speed- When you pay the medical professional’s invoice, they receive their funds instantly*.  Medical professionals can then have the funds automatically transferred to their financial institution, if they choose.

Peace of Mind- Only verified individuals and verified businesses can open a Dwolla account and have full use of Freelance Clinician.

Convenience- With Dwolla, it is free to sign up, receive and send money**. Also, you do not need to provide your banking information to activate your Dwolla account. You are free to provide that information before invoices are submitted and paid.


See more here: Dwolla

*If payor account is funded. If it is not funded, funds will be transferred in 1-2 business days.

**It is always free to sign up and receive money via Dwolla and Freelance Clinician always pays the $5 (maximum) transaction fee on each invoice.