Here's how it works

  • Post your jobs

    It's free and takes minutes. Identify your skilled clinical needs and set your rate range. Medical professionals then bid on your jobs.

  • Review candidate profiles

    Once you open the medical professional's proposal you can then review their full profile and interview them.

  • Hire medical professionals

    Choose the clinician that's the best fit for your facility and hire them. One standard template for all contracts saves money, time and hassles.

  • Pay safely and securely

    Pay only for work provided and only after you approve the invoice. Your sensitive banking information is never revealed to the medical professional or to Freelance Clinician. The medical professional receives their funds the instant the invoice is paid.

What's the cost?

  • How much does Freelance Clinician cost?

    It's free to join, post jobs, and see your candidates on Freelance Clinician. We add a 6.99% service fee to your medical professional's proposal. You see and pay this price only, and only after the work is done and the invoice is approved.

  • Are there any additional costs?

    No. There are no additional costs or hidden fees- you pay only the agreed proposal rate.


Is Freelance Clinician a Staffing Agency?

I thought only physicians could be independent contractors?

Can anyone use Freelance Clinician?

How does Freelance Clinician validate the users of the site?

Does Freelance Clinician use a standard contract?


The Freelance Clinician Safe BidTM system

Before a medical professional can bid on jobs and before a healthcare facility can post jobs, each entity is required to demonstrate they are who they say they are.

That is, each user of Freelance Clinician is allowed to use the full system only once they have provided the necessary documentation to Freelance Clinician. Once validated, users are free to post or bid on jobs and connect and engage with other users.

Why do this?

We've implemented this level of assurance to ensure a safe, secure and sincere experience that allows you to know the person on the other side of the bid is genuine medical professional or healthcare facility. Your contract and professional business profile information is revealed ONLY when you want, and to those YOU choose. This is Freelance Clinician's patent-pending Safe BidTM system!

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