Q:   Is Freelance Clinician a staffing agency?
A:   No. Freelance Clinician is a patent-pending internet platform that allows medical professionals (as independent contractors) and healthcare facilities to connect with each other and to negotiate and create medical service contracts and create and pay invoices. The Freelance Clinician internet platform allows credentialed and validated medical professionals to create profiles and bid on medical service jobs posted by validated healthcare facilities.

Q:   How does Freelance Clinician differ from a staffing agency?
A:   Freelance Clinician allows the medical professional and the healthcare facility to engage each other directly, thus removing the staffing agency (and their huge fees) completely from the process.

Q:   I thought only Physicians could be independent contractors?
A:   False. Medical professionals such as registered Nurses, Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists, Dental Hygienists and Physicians (among many others) can all work as self-employed independent contractors, even in hospitals. In order to do so and remain compliant with IRS, U.S. Department of Labor and individual state labor laws, the medical professional must meet specific criteria such as bidding on the job, performance of the job under a contract, an advanced education and skill level, and the medical professional must provide their own insurance and pay all their taxes in full. These are not the only criteria, and you can access more information on this topic in the “Resources” section of your profile.

Q:  Can any medical professional use Freelance Clinician?
A:   No. Freelance Clinician can only be used by medical professionals who possess an active and clear license to practice their profession and who are highly-educated and highly-skilled. For example, a Licensed Practical Nurse, Physical Therapist Assistant or a Respiratory Therapist cannot use Freelance Clinician. This is to ensure compliance with the myriad laws regarding independent contractors, some of which state that if you do not possess a high level of education and skill, you are unlikely to be able to control the method in which the work is done and therefore are unlikely to qualify as an independent contractor.

Q:  Can any healthcare facility post jobs and engage medical professionals?
A:    Yes. The healthcare facility must first prove they are a legitimate healthcare facility. From the largest national hospital chain to the smallest rural clinic, all legitimate healthcare facilities can post unlimited jobs, review profiles and engage directly with medical professionals on Freelance Clinician, all for free.

Q:  How does Freelance Clinician validate the users of the site?
A:   In order to ensure a safe, secure and sincere online environment, Freelance Clinician mandates that all healthcare facilities that post jobs and all medical professionals who bid on those jobs prove that they are who they say they are. This is accomplished several ways, one of which is by verifying the healthcare facility's name, corporate structure, state of registration, location and other identifying company information. The medical professional must provide an image of their active and clear professional license as well as other verifying information.

Q:  Do I give my banking information (bank name, account and routing numbers) or Social Security Number to Freelance Clinician?
A:   No. You will never be asked to provide any sensitive banking information or your Social Security Number to Freelance Clinician.  All banking and Social Security Number information is entered only in Dwolla’s very safe and secure site. In fact, unlike a paper check or credit card transaction, your banking information is never associated with your Dwolla transactions. All invoices are paid by the healthcare facility directly and instantly from their Dwolla account to the medical professional’s Dwolla account. These funds can then be instantly routed to the medical professional’s bank account, if desired. None of the parties involved in the transaction has the others’ sensitive banking information, and that includes Freelance Clinician.