General Invoice Management and Payment via Stripe


The invoicing and payment system on the Freelance Clinician platform is safe, easy and fast!

Once the medical professional completes and submits an invoice, the healthcare facility (HCF) representative is alerted that the invoice is ready for verification and payment. The HCF representative can then review the invoice for accuracy and alert the medical professional if any errors are found. If there are errors, they can easily be corrected by the medical professional, and the invoice is re-submitted.

Once the invoice has been verified as accurate, the HCF representative then clicks the “Pay Now” button on the invoice and is taken to the checkout screen to verify the transaction specifics. Once the payment is verified and submitted, the funds will be debited from their bank account and paid out to the medical professional's bank account via Stripe, our payment processor. 

We use Stripe because it is safe, secure and fast, and we pay the $5.00 processing fee, not you!

You can easily set up and access your Stripe account from your Freelance Clinician "Financial" page and track invoices and payments there.


Supervisor Signature on the Invoice


If the healthcare facility requires the medical professional’s on-site supervisor or manager to verify and sign the invoice, this can easily be accomplished.

Both the healthcare facility and the medical professional can print the invoice (by clicking the “Print Invoice” button) and present it to the appropriate person for verification and signature. Once an invoice has been paid, it can also be easily printed.