General Contract Management

Once a bid has been selected by the healthcare facility, the bid specifics then populate to the Medical Services Agreement (MSA) contract Both the facility and the clinician will then have access to this MSA, and any agreed-upon changes to the bid specifics (e.g. a different start or end date; revised rates) can then be made in the MSA and approved by both parties. Once approved, the MSA is then signed in the Freelance Clinician system via your mouse, stylus or finger, depending on your device. After the MSA is signed by both parties, it then becomes active and it can be printed directly from the system or downloaded for your safekeeping. The job details and both the general and specific job descriptions are all able to be printed as well.


Contract Extension

Extending an active MSA contract could not be easier. Once the healthcare facility and clinician have decided to extend the MSA contract, one party will click the “Extend This Contract” button at the bottom of the active MSA. Once this is done, the MSA contract specifics (the parties’ names, addresses, the job number, etc.) populate to the contract extension. All you have to do is put in the new end date, and have both parties agree and sign the extension. The MSA can be extended as many times as the parties wish. If new rate values are desired, a new job post and bid process will have to be undertaken.


MSA Contract Addenda

If either party wishes to add contract addenda, it is as simple as uploading the document into the system, identifying its title and clicking “Add Addendum”. The other party can review and manage the document as they may need. There is no limit to the number of contract addenda that can be added to the MSA.