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With the new tax law coming into effect, many medical professionals are trying to figure out how to become independent contractors.

Freelance Clinician is the only platform where medical professionals work as independent contractors. We are here to help!

Freelance Clinician makes each party's role in tax compliance easy to understand and follow.

For the Medical Professional:

-Medical professionals are paid by the healthcare facility as an independent contractor.

-Medical professionals must pay all applicable state and federal taxes on income generated as a self-employed independent contractor.

-Medical professionals receive an IRS form 1099 from all healthcare facilities that have paid the medical professional in the preceding year.

-Freelance Clinician does not collect the medical professional's Social Security Number, nor does Freelance Clinician issue any tax forms to the medical professional.

-Medical professionals, as self-employed independent contractors, can use their business expenses (e.g. insurance, travel, lodging, meals, 1/2 of their self-employment taxes, the small service fee paid to Freelance Clinician, etc.) to decrease their tax burden.

For the Healthcare Facility:

-Healthcare facilities do not collect or pay any taxes for the medical professional.

-Healthcare facilities report payments made to medical professionals for services rendered as an independent contractor and issue the medical professional an IRS form 1099 noting those payments. (

-Healthcare facilities do not issue any tax forms to Freelance Clinician nor does Freelance Clinician issue any tax forms to the healthcare facility.

-Freelance Clinician does not provide the medical professional's Social Security Number to the healthcare facility.

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