Contract Workers & the New Economy

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Contract workers are making up more and more of the workforce, and not just with apps such as Uber. A WSJ article ( notes the deep and wide trend, across many industries and skill levels, towards alternative work arrangements.

The article notes that the greatest trend towards non-traditional work is for those with the most education, with big gains in alternative work arrangements for healthcare practitioners. The WSJ article describes the exploitation of the workers by staffing agencies and what Mr. Weil of the Labor Department dubbed the “fissured workforce,” where the workers have less say and fewer benefits with this new arrangement.

The good news is that medical professionals and healthcare facilities now have a new, better, way to work together. Freelance Clinician allows professionals and facilities to engage directly, avoiding costly and exploitative staffing agencies. These medical staffing agencies take 50% or more of the medical professional’s wages, and often charge the healthcare facility as well. By cutting out this wasteful middle-man, Freelance Clinician allows the medical professional to earn more, yet charge less, than with a staffing company.

These tectonic workforce changes are not abating, they are growing. In the future, Mr. Weil notes, these fissures “are likely to be stronger than ever.” The more medical professionals and healthcare facilities engage in these “alternative work arrangements” the more they need platforms like Freelance Clinician, where they can engage safely, securely, and fairly, ensuring a level playing field for both parties.