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Freelance Clinician & Pay Equality

It is well-documented that women in America earn less than men in all fields of work, including healthcare, where women make up the majority of highly-skilled workers. According to a CNN/Money report, female workers earn only $0.68 for every $1.00 a male worker earns. That is clearly unfair and this huge disparity has negative impacts not only on the female worker herself, but also her family and on society as a whole.

Deep and Wide Disparity

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Freelance Clinician and Taxes

With the new tax law coming into effect, many medical professionals are trying to figure out how to become independent contractors.

Freelance Clinician is the only platform where medical professionals work as independent contractors. We are here to help!

Freelance Clinician makes each party's role in tax compliance easy to understand and follow.

For the Medical Professional:

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